Helpful Self-Care Links in the Time of COVID-19

In barely a month, the COVID-19 lockdown has seen the closure of countless establishments, including fitness centers and other health-related services. While this might seem like a good time to play hooky from your health routine, the fact is, it’s not. If anything, you need to stay healthy now more than ever, to fight both the virus and the maddening negativity so many of us feel. We’ve put together some helpful links to help keep you on the path of self-care.

On Nutrition

Healthy Ways to Eat and Drink During Coronavirus Quarantine
How to Make a Healthy Grocery Shopping List
Stocked Up on Vegan Pantry Essentials? Here Are Some Easy Recipes
Fresh Food from Costco Delivery
Why Vitamin C Won’t ‘Boost’ Your Immune System Against the Coronavirus

On Fitness

How to Exercise at Home and Actually Like It
Design Your Own Distraction-Free Home Yoga Space
Building a Home Gym: What You Need to Know
15 Things Every Workout Nook Needs
35 Workout Apps for Those Who Want Results Without a Gym Membership

On Your Mental Health

Mental Health and Coping Guide from the CDC
Create a Meditation Space in Your Home
How to Use 4-7-8 Breathing for Anxiety
How Crafting Can Help Ease Pandemic Anxiety
Bullet Journal Ideas During Quarantine
The Best Skills to Learn During Quarantine

It may seem like a tall order right now to think healthy, but the truth is, it could very well be the distraction that you need in these uncertain times. So keep moving forward toward your health goals and stay on the path to self-care.

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